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Dinner (2013)

Arochat Erev 

20 min


A  dinner that almost ends in disaster leads 67-year-old Gadi to go on the first blind date of his life.
Gadi is also the local grocery store's delivery man.
The film follows Gadi through his working day and we encounter the people he meets on his way to his blind date.  One such encounter is particularly different.




Director  Lee Nechushtan

Scriptwriter  Lee Nechushtan

Producer Lee Nechushtan

Produced in association with  Tel-Aviv University Film & TV Dept., Contributing Funds etc

Cinematographer Edan Caine

Editor Yossi Levi

Sound recording Danny Dagan

Sound editing Nin Hazan

Art Director Liora Zonshine

Musical Score: Omer Vashdi



Gdalia Besser – as: Gadi

Sharon Stark – as: Galia 




 The 12th International Student Film & Video Festival Beijing Film Academy 2013 


 The Aesthetica Short Film Festival, York 2013


 The Israel Film Center Festival in Boston, May 2014


 The Israel Film Center Festival in NY, April 2013


 On Channel 2, in the Israeli TV series "Life In A Movie".


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