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Aya and her mother

Ima Shel Aya (2016)

23 min




Aya, a woman in her 30's, lives with her mother Neomi under one roof. Neomi lives a life of calculated reciprocity. Instead of hugs, she pays in cash. Aya accepts these "rules" and life continues. When a man enters Aya's life, Neomi is ready to do anything to prevent Aya from leaving the house.



Director Lee Nechushtan

Scriptwriter Lee Nechushtan

Producer Maya Feldstein

Produced in association with Tel-Aviv University Film & TV Dept.

Cinematographer  Adi Mozes

Editor Eitan Vardi

Sound recording  Nir Aviam

Sound editing

Art Director Maya Pery

Musical Score


Mother  Gita Monta

Aya Hila Feldman

Tomer  Daniel Shapiro


The film was produced by Tel-Aviv University Film & TV Dept ; The Blavatnik Student Film Production Fund and receive the support of  the Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts – Cinema Project (Under the Israeli Ministry of Culture and Sport and the Israel Film Council),Snunit Broadcasting for Television and Radio and Joint Israel


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