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Lee Nechushtan


MFA graduate of Tel Aviv University film and TV studies.

Writer and director of four short fiction films.

Lee’s scripts were granted four different Israeli funds as well as featured in international festivals, among them: Dresden short FF, Montreal world FF, Jerusalem international FF, Haifa international FF, Boston, New York, etc.

 Lee serves as a post-production manager for the film & TV production

Company, Topia communications, in Israel.

Lee also functions as an independent content consultant for different scripts and projects.


Currently, Lee is a developing a full-length documentary “Two Sisters".

Selected for Marché du Film - Festival de Cannes showcase docs-in-progress of Circle Women Doc Accelerator 2020.

And official selection of the CEDOC Market 2020 Poland, Krakow

Film Festival.

Developed through two international labs: ESoDoc (2018) and Circle – Women doc accelerator (2019).


Lee has also acquire experience in the social-educational field.

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